M2 Media Group

About M2 Media Group

M2 Media Group is a leading subscription agency in the magazine publishing industry. The company drives subscriber acquisition for magazine publishers through both its online brands and an extensive marketing alliance network. Since its inception in 2004, M2 has created numerous marketing programs and innovative channels, such as retail subscription selling, magazine rewards for loyalty programs, online promotions and incentives, and lead generation for B2B publications and white papers.

The company was founded by industry veterans with decades of specialized expertise in magazine publishing, circulation and partnership development. Early after its formation, M2 launched Mercury Magazines, now one of the largest distributors of B2B publications. In 2006, M2 acquired BlueDolphin.com, a pioneer of magazine sales online, and revamped the service to now feature more than 1,000 consumer titles. In 2010, the company launched TechPapers™, the first and only application developed exclusively for the iPhone and iPad that enables IT professionals and business users the ability to search, download and collect white papers.

M2 Media Group’s partner network comprises established, premium brands including Expedia, Sephora, Sears, Dice.com, eHarmony and InterContinental Hotels Group. Additionally, M2 supports the online magazine store at bn.com in partnership with Barnes & Noble, the world’s largest bookseller.