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M2 Media Group has emerged as a major provider of partnership marketing services to publishers. They are now believed to be the industry's largest supplier of partnership circulation.

Baird Davis
Circulation Consultant, publishing industry veteran


Magazine Rewards

M2 Media Group is a leading provider of magazine rewards for online retailers, loyalty programs and sales organizations. Our company works directly with magazine publishers to generate three important classes of circulation for the industry, each recognized by the Rules of the Audit Bureau of Circulations: Sponsored Sales, Partnership Sales and Subscriptions Purchased with Award Points.

Magazine with Purchase

M2 offers online retailers and marketers the ability to bundle subscriptions to relevant magazine titles with their paid product or service, thereby increasing average order value and reducing cart abandonment. Further, by including a subscription with a purchase made at their site, online marketers engender customer goodwill and realize valuable repeat business.

Loyalty Program Rewards

M2’s magazine rewards offering helps loyalty programs significantly reduce point liability at economics far superior to any other redemption category. M2’s loyalty partners include frequent flyer, frequent guest, and online reward programs. Magazines typically represent the leading redemption choice among its members.

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