Our products aim to provide tangible value to consumers through the use of technology and creative thinking.

Relevant content, consumer engagement and user participation have been key ingredients to the success of our product offerings. Whether ecommerce, school fundraising, research studies, or business resources, we strive to provide an easy-to-use process to deliver value to our customers.

Acquired January 2007

Blue Dolphin

Blue Dolphin offers consumers the lowest prices authorized by publishers on more than 1,000 magazine titles, from categories such as sports, fashion, entertainment and parenting.

Launched January 2006


Mercury Magazines helps business professionals discover relevant business magazines, trade publications, eBooks, and industry-specific whitepapers based upon their business profile, all available at no cost.

Launched November 2012


RewardSurvey offers members great rewards for sharing their opinions and experiences with premium brands about products and services they offer.

Launched March 2011


TechPapers enables IT professionals and other business users to search, download and store white papers in their personal library across web and mobile platforms.